The Push Hog Strikes Back – Baldwin Titanium Bicycles Update

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Baldwin of Baldwin Titanium Bicycles, a new bespoke bike builder based in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and Rich kindly asked me to make another visit for the unveiling of their new build bike, a titanium framed road bike, covered head to toe in Campagnolo, here’s how I got on…


I was a big fan of the prototype, it was so well built that since my last visit Rich has ridden hundreds of miles on the frame and has completed the 135 miles of the ‘coast to coast’ in under 8 hours, so the new build has a lot to live up to.

The first thing I notice about the new build is that Baldwin have completely changed their earlier decals and the branding of the bike is now really strong, I’m sure you’ll agree that the new white logos looks great against the blast titanium finish.



Next up is the frame, once again built in the popular ‘sportive’ geometry, the lines are simple and classic, nothing too flash, as the raw elegance of the titanium needs no oval tubing to sell itself.


The new build is kitted out in the über cool Campagnolo, from the ‘Athena’ group set to the ‘Zonda’ wheels, the two brands are like a marriage made in heaven, making any potential owner the envy of their chain gang without looking too ‘newbie’ bling.



Finally there are the details, little things we take for granted on most bikes, but something to which Baldwin have given great thought, such as the choice of carbon fork, no Ti v Carbon snobbery here, each material knowing its place.



But my favourite detail of all has to be the welds, it’s sounds maybe slightly obvious, but there is no mistaking this is a metal bike, the skill of the welder is there to behold and I like the finish.



If you would like to find out more about Baldwin Titanium Bicycles or discuss buying one of their bespoke bikes, they can be contacted by using any one of the following methods:



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