East Yorkshire Area Hill Climbs: Brantingham Dale

Location: Brantingham Dale
Length: 1km
Height Gain: 63m
Average Gradient: 6%
Max. Gradient: 14%
Difficulty Score: 29
Table Position: =20th

Date of Attempt: 5th May 2013


Brantingham Dale is a picturesque climb through woodland, which along the way takes in a ridge on the Wolds Way. The road, popular with local cycling clubs, climbs parallel with Spout Hill, but is a much steadier and longer route, but not without its own sting in the tail.

The climb is located north of the small village of Brantingham in East Yorkshire, situated close to the city of Hull and more closely to the twin villages of North & South Cave.

The hill, according to the segment on Strava, begins at All Saints Church, making the climb 2.6km, however the data on the hill chart only includes the final kilometre. The road meanders along at a leisurely gradient between 2 to 6%, before ramping to the summit at roughly 14% for the last 200 metres.

Brantingham isn’t a hill I’ve climbed before, it’s a bit out of the way for me to include it on my normal cycling routes, but on 5th May 2013 I made an exception and cycled roughly 15 miles to the small village in order to have a crack, here’s how I got on…

Scoffing down a cereal bar and swigging down an energy drink, I sit on the park bench at the duck pond in the village of Brantingham, contemplating my next challenge. Dale Road has me a bit spooked, I have only ever descended the hill and that scared the hell out of me, so I’m expecting a tough day, plus I’m still recovering from the psychological effects of Spout Hill, the adjacent climb.

Gathering myself, I climb on to my push hog and begin the short ride to Dale Road, passing the entrance to Spout Hill, my legs wincing in pain. Once on Dale Road I soon approach All Saints Church, essentially starting the climb. The road takes a route through some woods, thinned back enough so you can see what is coming, which isn’t much for the first kilometre, albeit for a few small changes in level – it’s bimble territory at this point.

One thing was troubling me while I rode along, this being the fact that although the road wasn’t rising at a troubling rate, the terrain either side was – so I knew at some point the road would have to play catch up. Continuing the ride, the road does begin to rise slightly, but it’s nothing too taxing and before long I’m wondering how I managed to reach over 40mph when I descended it last year.

It’s not long before I get a reminder, as around a shallow corner the final climb is revealed, a nasty little ramp towards the brow of the hill, I’m assuming the summit of the climb, because this has been a long ride to get to this point.

Dropping my bike into its lowest gear I put the remainder of my energy into getting to the top of the hill and before long I leave the shelter of the woods and in doing so the road begins to level as I cycle towards a road sign proudly warning of an 11% gradient. As I reach the junction with Riplingham Road, I round the corner and cycle on towards South Cave having ticked another local climb off the list.

Having now competed the climb up Brantingham Dale, I must admit that I was quite disappointed, as a hill it never got going. I certainly never had the feeling of wanting to bail out at any point, unlike the hills down the road in Newbald, which makes it more puzzling how this climb can be ranked harder than North Newbald Hill, a much more difficult climb in my opinion.

The positive point of the climb is that it is not only picturesque, but unusually for this part of the world, it begins quite easy before getting harder, as most local climbs of note begin with a steep ramp and level out.

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4 Responses to East Yorkshire Area Hill Climbs: Brantingham Dale

  1. Chris says:

    Perhaps it felt a bit easy because you are getting stronger. I have seen and heard of cyclists unclipping just as things start to get a bit steep at the end. Looking forward to your next climb report – Chris.

    • Hi Chris,

      I think that you’re right, also I’m feeling that my recovery times are a lot better than at any point last year, so although my climbing is still on the slow side, I finish with a bit left in the tank – However I’ve not attempted Nunburnholme Hill this year, that is the litmus test!

      Thanks for reading the blog, all the best,


  2. Mark says:

    Hello, just to say after reading your blog I was sufficiently inspired to ride out from Hull this afternoon and climb Dale Rd on my bike. I certainly found it taxing enough, and really did crawl the last part. One fairly serious looking cyclist bailed out and was walking the last few hundred yards, so I felt a genuine sense of achievement at climbing it. Anyway, thank you very much for the blog, and for the list of – and links- to other climbs. Having given this a go, I may give Spout Hill a try next.


    • Mark

      Thanks for taking time to read the blog, I think my first attempt at Brantingham Dale was on a good day, as I’ve since struggled with it, especially the ramp at the end! As for Spout Hill, I have only ridden it once and that was one too many times, so I wish you luck – let me know how you get on!


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