The Push Hog Strikes Back – The East Yorkshire Area Hill Climb Chart


So who said the East of Yorkshire was flat!

I’ve posted a similar hill chart before, but it was a scanned image of quite poor quality, so I thought I neaten it up a bit and put the hills in difficulty order. The information within the chart was put together by Roger England of Hull & East Riding CTC.

East Yorkshire Area Hill Climbs:

South Wolds:

Brantingham Dale Gradient
North Newbald Hill Gradient
Spout Hill Gradient
Trundlegate Gradient
Numburnholme Hill Gradient

Central Wolds:

Acklam North Gradient
Acklam South Gradient
Birdsal Brow Gradient
Bishop Wilton Hill Gradient
Garrowby Hill Gradient
Hanging Grimston Gradient
Leavening Brow Gradient
Painsthorpe Hill Gradient
Settrington Hill Gradient
Uncleby Hill Gradient

North Wolds:

Flixton Hill Gradient
Folkton Hill Gradient
Ganton Wolds Gradient
Sherburn Grits Gradient
Sherburn South Gradient
Sherburn West Gradient
Staxton Hill Gradient
West Heslerton Hill Gradient

Google Earth Link to East Yorkshire Area Climbs

Google Maps Link to East Yorkshire Area Climbs

*Many thanks to whomever took the time to plot the locations and climb information on the above maps, all I know that it wasn’t me, so I make the information available in good faith and hope that anybody using it finds it as useful as I do.

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4 Responses to The Push Hog Strikes Back – The East Yorkshire Area Hill Climb Chart

  1. Craig says:

    Do you know if these have been put on a map? It would be great to visualise where they all are.

    • Hello Craig, many thanks for your question, in answer, I’m not aware of any maps showing the climb locations, but I am working on it myself by experimenting with 50k & 250k OS Maps. Depending on how that looks on the screen, at the very least I will link the climbs to google maps so it give the reader an idea of where the hills are located, so watch this space!

      *EDIT* After a good deal of Google based digging it turns out that a kind person has already plotted the hills on both Google Earth and Google Maps, so I’ve put the links in the blog post – Enjoy!

  2. Alex Birch says:

    Excellent post, very useful, thanks a lot. Working my way through these, ticking them off. Never knew the Wolds had such great climbs!

  3. Pingback: hanging grimston, or, the worst day ever. – les amateurs.

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