The Push Hog Strikes Back – Brass Monkey

There is no hiding from the fact that here in ‘jolly’ old Blighty we have had a shocking spring, and now as the clocks go forward the weather shows little sign of improvement, it really isn’t looking good for ‘Fair Weather Cyclists’ like myself.

It’s a year at the end of April since I bought my first proper road bike, by this time last year I was already training for the Beverley 10k by running 5km and cycling 10km every other day, my ‘Map My Run’ App had run out of storage space for my exercises, yet this year I’ve clocked up three cycle rides totalling 62 miles, pathetic!

I take my hat off to those ‘Real Roadies’ who have ignored the minus temperatures, the rain, hail, sleet and snow and headed out in all weathers to get their fix. I followed a roadie in my car during the bad snow, he skilfully moved from wheel track to wheel track looking for that bit of grip, no doubt on 21mm slicks, all the while getting buffeted by icy winds carry even colder wet snow – Sir I salute you, whoever you were, you might be as mad as a box of frogs, but I admire your spirit, I just don’t share it.

I’m not asking for much, just a few decent days of 5 degrees plus, preferably without the north easterly, then I can get out and stretch my rusty legs. It’s not all bad though, I have discovered the joys of ‘Indoor Cycling’ or ‘Spinning’ as it used to be called before some litigious Americans trademarked the name. Yes indeed, I quite enjoy ‘Indoor Cycling’, I realise it’s not for everybody, the music is shocking and the close proximity to other sweaty bodies is rather off putting, yet I like it, here’s why:

1. It’s dry and warm;
2. It’s fantastic at stamina building, in four sessions I’ve improved dramatically;
3. It’s better than doing nothing.

Hopefully the ‘Indoor Cycling’ season will soon be over and I can climb back on my push hog, but I won’t be holding my breath, but here’s to British Summer Time anyway!

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