The Push Hog Legacy: Stage 8 – Never Mind Granny, I’ve Got The Hump…

We’ve had some changeable weather of late, but when I got out for an evening ride on 30th August I wasn’t to be disappointed, as I was able to take advantage of some late summer sunshine, albeit with a strong breeze.

Setting off from Molescroft, I warmed up by taking on ‘Molescroft Mountain’ a short shallow climb on the outskirts of Beverley. The climb ends at the Driffield Road Roundabout and as it’s a nice night I decide to head towards Longcroft Secondary School with a view to having another crack at the ‘Mini G’ 30km circuit and of course trying to break the 60 minute barrier.

Making a start on Burton Road, I turn left to join Molescroft Road and head across the Driffield Road Roundabout to begin the descent of ‘Constitution Hill’ and before long I’m climbing towards the Dog Kennel Lane Roundabout. Crossing the road junction I cycle toward Cherry Burton on the busy B1248, a road which undulates before reaching a left hand turn onto the village main street.

Riding through Cherry Burton I can’t help but think I’m making hard work of this ride, it’s not just the buffeting breeze which is slowing my progress, it’s my legs too, they just don’t want to work. I continue through the village, but when I reach the peak of the hill on Main Street I decide to call it a day, I chicken out! Cutting my loses I make a left turn onto Bishop Burton Road and decide to head towards Walkington.

As a cycle along the long straight country lane I approach one of my favourite named Strava challenges, going by the name of ‘Granny’s Hump’, which is quite apt as I’ve had the hump since Cherry Burton, so wanting to get something out of my ride, I crank the push hog into a low gear as I make my approach. The climb is extremely short, but quite steep, luckily there is a slight down hill run before reaching the bottom, so I build up my momentum. As I hit the start of the climb I’m travelling at a decent pace, but the gradient soon slows my progress, so I climb out of my saddle to keep up the momentum, soon reaching the peak and beating my previous best time by achieving a PB of 48 seconds.

Feeling ever so slightly smugger than before, I decide, grudgingly, to continue my ride, so instead of heading home I cross the busy A1079 and cycle along Finchcroft Lane. The long narrow flat road brings me to the junction with Walkington Heads, so I take a right, then after a short down hill, a left turn onto Burton Gates. This country lane brings me to the edge of Walkington, along Northgate, I then take a right onto Manorhouse Lane, which leads onto Middlehowe Road.

This next section of road has a very slight incline, so it’s both one of my favourite stretches of tarmac and least favourite, as I was heading up the hill on this particular effort, I didn’t care for it too much. So as I leave the sheltered roads of Walkington I head along this narrow straight road, which gradually climbs, but never gets steep, sapping any energy I had remaining. By the time I drag myself to the junction with Wold Road, I’m in no mood to continue, I think about heading down the hill, after all, as much as I dislike going up the road, I really like going down it, I’m still in or around the top 10 on Strava. Unfortunately as I look down the hill, it’s clear that there are too many dog walkers to negotiate, which is a shame because there is a slight tale wind.

Taking a right turn I head along Wold Road, until I reach the junction with Walkington Heads, where I take another right turn and point in the direction of home. As I cycle along the lane I manage to pick up the tail wind and before long I’m travelling at a steady 30mph without breaking a sweat. I make it onto the Newbald Road descent across the Westwood Pasture and freewheel towards Beverley.

As I finish my ride along the narrow streets of Beverley town centre, I’ve had a disappointing ride, only clocking just under 16 miles with an average speed of 14.5mph.



Total Distance Covered: 158 miles

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