The Push Hog Legacy: Stage 1 – The Mini G

Although I don’t know it yet, I’m currently in training for another cyclosportive, but as I’m writing this in retrospect I won’t give the game away just yet.

Now that the Big G is over, training could become quite difficult, I don’t have anything to focus on just yet, so I continue by enthusiasm alone, something which will be tested over the coming weeks.

For now my focus has changed to completing the Mini G, a 30km version of the Big G sportive, in under an hour. The light bulb moment came when reading an e-mail sent by the Big G organisers to thank the participants, the Mini G is mentioned due to a few young cyclists having only just missed out on breaking the hour marker, quite impressive for Under 12’s.

Not wanting to dodge an implied challenge, on Thursday 26th July I met up with my trusty Lieutenant Marvin and headed towards Longcroft Secondary School for the start point. The Mini G takes the same route as the Big G, leaving Molescroft and heading towards Cherry Burton, out to South Dalton before circling around and heading back, so off we set…

Molescroft to Cherry Burton

At the main gates we turn left and head up the small incline of Molescroft Road to the Roundabout with Driffield Road. The route then heads towards Cherry Burton along Malton Road taking in Constitution Hill.

We cycle hard down Constitution Hill and up the incline towards the Dog Kennel Lane roundabout. The road then gently flows down hill then rises slightly as we turn left into the village of Cherry Burton.

Cherry Burton to Holme-on-the-Wolds

Main Street in Cherry Burton heads down hill into the village centre, before rising gently as we take the right hand turn onto Etton Road. The road then steeply rises towards the top of a road bridge over a disused railway track, before joining New Road.

Riding down the steep incline of New Road we enter the picturesque village of Etton. We make a left turn and the road levels out as we ride along Main Street. Just out of the village we turn right turn onto ‘Dalton Ramp’ and make the short climb at the bottom of the road. At the top of the incline we cycle along the long straight flat road towards the village of South Dalton.

As the village nears, the road steeply drops and a fast descent brings us into the village, although any momentum is soon lost when the road rises through the village streets before the it levels out and we approach the Hamlet of Holme-on-the-Wolds.

Holme-on-the-Wolds to Kiplingcotes

After leaving Holme-on-the-Wolds the long straight road steadily climbs, then descends before reaching the junction where the longer Big G routes split to the right, with the 30km route heading left towards Kiplingcotes. The roads in this part of the wolds are long straight, undulating and narrow, this road begins with a long drag before levelling out, then dropping and rising again, a tough road to keep a rhythm. As the road approaches the outskirts of Kiplingcotes, the route drops steeply as we race towards the next junction.

Kiplingcotes to Etton

At the junction we take a left turn on to a flatter section of road, although its not long before we approach a fork in the road, where we take a right hand turn on to the ‘Kiplingcotes to Etton Ramp’. As the small climb finishes, the road levels as we cycle on to the ‘Kiplingcotes to Etton Drag Strip’, a flat section of road where we take it in turns to slipstream into a strong headwind. Before long we reach the junction with the ‘Etton / Dalton Ramp’ and join the route we started on as we turn right and drop towards the junction with Gardham Road.

Taking a right hand turn, we join Main Street in Etton and cycle along the flat village roads to reach the junction with New Road.

Etton to Molescroft

Turning right on to the New Road Ramp, we climb to reach the top, which peaks on a hump back bridge over the old railway line and joins on to Etton Road as we cycle into Cherry Burton.

At the junction with Main Street we turn left and ride towards the village centre, where the road steeply rises before levelling off as we approach the junction with Malton Road. We make a right hand turn and head up the hill towards the roundabout at Dog Kennel Lane. Across the roundabout we firstly head down Constitution Hill, then race up towards the roundabout with Driffield Road. We continue straight on to Molescroft Road and take a right turn on to Burton Road as we cycle through the school gates to complete the ride.

The Result

According to Strava we have covered 17.1 miles (27.5 km) with a total moving time of 1hr 3mins 1sec.


Disappointingly we failed our target of breaking one hour, but having averaged over 16mph, I could fall off my bike I’m that knackered!

Thinking back, as a twelve year old I was a damned sight fitter that the thirty five year old version, so trying to better their time was more of a task than I first appreciated, so hats off to those lads who only just missed out on breaking the hour mark themselves

Total Distance Covered: 17 miles

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