The Push Hog Diaries: Rest Day IV – The East Yorkshire Classic

Every year towards the end of July the small market town of Beverley hosts a weekend of cycling, starting on a Friday evening with the East Yorkshire Classic, followed by The Big G Grimpeurs des Wolds Cyclosportive on the Saturday, which is usually followed by The East Yorkshire Classic Road Race on the Sunday, although this year that event is cancelled due to its close proximity to the Olympics.

[Although past Olympic Track Cyclists like Ed Clancy have previously taken part in the event, the majority of the field are not Olympians, so this is a bizarre decision, I wonder if they considered cancelling the Tour de France because if it close proximity to the F-ing Olympics!]

Now an established event of the British Cycling Calendar and part of the Elite Men’s Circuit Race Championship, the East Yorkshire Classic has played host to the biggest names in British Cycling, from Mark Cavendish to Russell Downing and Beverley is a favourite circuit race with many riders as it draws huge crowds which cheer winners and losers alike.

The circuit begins in Saturday Market and moves clockwise into Sow Hill, before turning into Old Walkergate.
The race follows the narrow road past the Georgian Town Houses of Old Walkergate then joins the shopping street of Butcher Row, before reaching Wednesday Market and the busy bars tempting the cheering crowds with their range of beverages!

The route turns right onto Lord Roberts Road and follows the road around to right hand corner past the Magistrates Court and straight onto Cross Street passing County Hall, before joining Toll Gavel, the main shopping street, which leads straight on towards the cobbled street of Saturday Market and the finish line.

The circuit is around one mile in length and the race lasts for 70 minutes before a bell rings to signal five laps to go, then all hell breaks loose!


It’s an event I have attended, come rain or shine, for a number of years and last year I was lucky enough to live on the route of the race, so I stocked up on booze and invited a few like minded cycling fans around to watch from the end of the driveway, this is possibly why I don’t remember much of last years race! This year I am back watching in the crowds, its mild but wet weather, so I prop myself up against the steel hoardings with a pint of ale as company, close to the VIP Area and The Green Dragon, these are some photographs of the evenings racing…


Winning rider from the back up race.


Preparing for the big race.


The East Yorkshire Classic Criterium is Underway!


The Leaders Pull Away From The Peloton.


Four Leading Riders With 7 Laps to Go, Russ Downing Leading the Chasing Pack.


The Four Top Front Runners Are Now Jostling For Position, The Peloton’s Chase is in Vain.


It’s All a Blur as Bernie Sulzberger of Raleigh GAC Comes in Third to Richard Lang of Rapha Condor Sharp.


The Top Three Riders Are Presented With Their Prizes.

1. Richard Lang, Rapha Condor Sharp
2. Owain Doull, GB Academy
3. Bernie Sulzberger, Raleigh GAC


The Podium Champagne Celebration!

Total Distance Covered: 244 miles

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Back le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire Network

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