The Push Hog Diaries: Rest Day III – How To Peel An Orange In Your Pocket

Guess what?

…its raining again!

So I’ve decided that I’ll write about one of my guilty pleasures, saving money. I know it’s a running joke that Yorkshire Folk are tight, no doubt propaganda started by those pesky Lancastrians, however in my experience this isn’t true, we’re always the first to buy a round of drinks!

But times are tough and cycling can be an expensive hobby, so I thought I’d take time to write down a few ways of saving a bit of money and pass on the details of the companies which I have dealt with and feel offer the best service and the best discounts.

Cycling Shops / Websites

Cycle Surgery

I have used Cycle Surgery a few times over the years, firstly when I Mountain Biked regularly and more recently as a Roadie. They can be quite expensive at times, but register for their newsletter and they will send an e-mail every Monday night to give you details of their ‘Time Out Tuesday’, which is essentially a small 24hr sale every week.

I’ve seen loads of discounted stuff via Time Out Tuesday and I even managed to get myself some Specialized cycling shoes at a 50% discount, easily cheaper than anywhere else.


They appear to have a large stock and have all the major brands and offer very fast delivery too, even if they don’t boast about it like some others!

Start Fitness

There is a Start Fitness shop in Beverley, so I’ve always used them for that reason. They have their own brand of cycling / running clothing called ‘More Mile’, which is decent kit at low prices.

However the reason I like them is that they are easily one of the best retailers for Discounted End of Season Stock, some of the cycling gear is eyewateringly cheap, including brands such as Gore, Scott & Altura.


They don’t have a huge stock of cycling kit, but it’s worth signing up for their e-mail news letter for discount codes etc. I have bought quite a few things from them over the years, including my bike and their customer services is very good.

Evans Cycles

Evans Cycles need no introduction, one of the UK’s largest bike shop chains and the have shops UK Wide and almost always have a sale of some description or discount codes. They have a huge stock of bikes, clothing and accessories.


Their ‘Price Match’ service is excellent, although the only incentive you have using the service is that you are buying from a trusted source. As an example, they price matched a pump I bought and even dropped the price further when it was placed in their sale during the despatch period. Anecdotally I am told that they offer discount in store when spending big bucks.

Winstanley’s Bikes

I bought a bike from Winstanleys a few years ago, mainly due to their huge discounts on previous years models. Well worth a look if you’re after a bike on a tight budget as they always seem to have a clearance sale.


They also stock a huge range of clothing and accessories too, so well worth a look.


Ribble are possibly best known for their bike building, which is an excellent way of getting a well specked bike straight from the manufacturer without a bike shop taking their alleged 35% mark up.


Although sorely tempted, I’ve never bought a bike from them, I have purchased some SPD pedals and dry lube at a massively discounted rate, they tend to have multi save discounts, so the more you spend the more you save. Delivery is fast and items came well packaged.


Halfords always seem to get sneered at by serious cyclists, but they do sell Boardman Bikes which are extremely well specked and I’ve heard great things about them at competitive prices.


They also have a great stock of spare parts and offer advice and servicing at good prices. Look out for their sales as they can be as cheap as anywhere else.

Honourable Mentions


Bikes direct from the German manufacturer, I am reliably informed that they are an excellent company to deal with and currently supply bikes to the Katusha Pro Cycling Team.


Having looked at their website and drooled over their bike specs, I suspect my next road bike will be a Canyon, as you get more bang for your bucks.

Local Bike Shops

I couldn’t leave out local bike shops because in my experience they offer the best independent advice and can often be a place to find the odd bargain or two. There are a few bike shops in Beverley, see below, and loads more in Hull and York, most have discounts in store and some have begun trading on the internet as well. Why not visit your LBC and take a look.

Minster Cycles

Wilsons Wheels

Beverley Car & Cycles

Other Sites of Interest


Quidco is the UK’s No.1 Cashback Site and they offer deals and discounts from a variety of companies on purchases made on-line, but you can register your credit or debit cards for instore discounts. A sample search of ‘cycling’ discounts at the time of writing (4th July 2012) are as follows:


I have used Quidco for a number of years and once registered on their website you are eligible for their discounts.

Please read Quidco’s terms and conditions as they do have a small annual charge to become a member, but this is only taken when you earn cash back to cover this cost.

Hot UK Deals

Hot UK Deals is a member submitted deals website which offers discount codes too, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any equipment you might be looking for.


I’ve used Hot UK Deals for a number of years and it’s members have helped to save me loads of money and time by posting on the site.

Total Distance Covered: 146 miles (Rain Stopped Play)

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