The Push Hog Diaries: Stage 7 – Rain, Rain Go Away…

At work the next morning I ached, deservedly I thought, so I regaled by roadie colleagues with takes of daring do and to a *very* small extent some seemed quite impressed. I even talked through my epic, albeit failed, climb up Burgate, only referring to it as that “bloody great hill in Newbald”, but it was only when I mentioned it was the same hill some of us had tackled a few years earlier on our mountain bikes did the penny drop.

Apparently, in their minds, I’d climbed the wrong hill, Burgate wasn’t anything special, just a mere contour, the real climb went by the name of ‘Trundlegate‘ and led up the same hill, only to the South. However, it wouldn’t be until June that I would come face to face with that particular challenge.

The weather in May, just like April before it, was a month of rain, very occasional sunshine, but mostly rain, not great when trying to get miles into your legs. Unfortunately June didn’t start much better, on the Jubilee weekend the heavens once again opened, although I did manage a 5 mile run in between, my next trip out on my bike wasn’t until Tuesday 5th June.

It was the late afternoon and the weather had been settled, so I took the opportunity to take a quick ride out, just to shake off the cobwebs. As per usual I headed towards my now regular warm up hill on Beverley Westwood and at the junction of Newbald Road and Coppleflats Lane I turn left and head towards Walkington, taking in the undulations along the way.

At the traffic lights on the cross roads junction with Broadgate I continue straight on and head towards the tiny hamlet of Bentley. The route undulates slightly, but nothing too taxing, although I have to make full use of my gears on some of the inclines as I approach the farm buildings on the edge of the village. The ride through Bentley is flat and leads via a little used access road on to the A164, a busy road linking Beverley to Hull.

To be honest I rarely find myself on this side of the town, so as the clouds started to form and it began spitting with rain, I decided that instead of heading back and retracing my steps I would cycle along the A164 towards Victoria Road in Beverley. The ride is flat, if not slightly down hill, and the well maintained asphalt is a pleasure to ride on in comparison with some of the back roads I choose to cycle on.

It’s not long before I approach Jocks Lodge on the outskirts of the town and it’s unusual traffic light arrangement, I do my best to hurry past this potential hazard, although it’s very obvious that the car drivers aren’t giving me much room even though the road is quite wide. Thankfully it’s not long until I’m on the Morrison’s roundabout and riding on 30mph speed restricted roads.

I continue my journey along Victoria Road, which takes me on to Queensgate and Admiral Walker Road, before joining Lairgate and taking me into the centre of Beverley where I end my ride, having covered almost 11 miles.

Total Distance Covered: 66 miles

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Back le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire

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