The Push Hog Diaries: Stage 5 – Are You Local?

Right, I’m back in the saddle, feeling that now the Beverley 10k has come and gone I will hang up my running shoes, but there are two problems with this:

1. After having done all the hard work to get fit enough to run a 10k race, it seems a shame to just stop, also I also quite enjoy running, although it takes more out of my legs than cycling does.

2. Each time I plan to go out on my bike it rains and I don’t fancy white lining it in the wet, so running is sometimes my only option to get some exercise.

So for the time being I will cycle and run and hopefully each will benefit the other, but I am conscious that the more it rains the less miles I get to do, so with that in mind I manage to fit in a ride on 20th May.

Heading out on a dry Sunday evening, I’m again drawn towards my favourite route across Beverley Westwood along Newbald Road, only this time instead of turning left at the crossroads onto Coppleflat Lane, I continue straight along Walkington Heads, before turning left on to Burton Gates.

It’s at this point something rather bizarre happens, as I leisurely turn the corner a very flustered red faced man rushes around the corner on my side of the road looking like he’s running away from a murder scene! Having failed to see what exactly he was running from, I can only think that I have misjudged the poor chap and he was in fact out for a run, although his running with one eye over his shoulder style leaves a lot to be desired.

Feeling a bit on edge after that shock encounter I up the pace and decide to cut my journey short, so I head into the pretty village of Walkington, heading down Northgate, turning left at the Dog & Duck to join the B1230 East End. I follow the main village road towards Broadgate, before again turning left on to Coppleflat Lane, readying myself for the quick decent followed by a steady climb towards the junction with Newbald Road.

Although I haven’t cycled very far on my new bike, I’m already finding out how to use the gears more efficiently, so heading down the hill I sensibly keep on the lower front ring in readiness to go down a couple of gears to drag myself up the incline at the other side. This tactic works well and within minutes I’m turning right and heading back towards the Westwood.

Once at the bottom of Newbald Road, I head along the A1174 York Road towards Beverley, turning right at the Rose & Crown to join North Bar Without, leading on to New Walk to start the steady climb up towards Molescroft Road and eventually towards base camp.

An enjoyable ride, quite short at 11 miles long, but I’m getting to know my bike a bit better, I also haven’t bought a mini pump or puncture repair kit yet, so long rides are a risk not worth taking at the moment.

Total Distance Covered: 35 miles

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Back le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire

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