The Push Hog Diaries: Stage 4 – The One With The Funny Turn

It’s Saturday May 12th, the day before the Beverley 10k, it’s a lovely warm sunny morning, so an ideal opportunity to get some miles in my legs.

I decide to head towards Beverley, my route taking in New Walk before turning onto York Road and heading out of the town centre, up a long gently sloping hill leading past the race course towards the village of Bishop Burton. At the busy roundabout at the top of York Road I take my life into my own hands before heading up the wonderfully named Killingwoldgraves Lane, a gentle country lane which leads up hill towards Coppleflat Lane, joining the top of the Beverley 10k route.

At this point I head down Newbald Road, which leads me to the steep Newbald Hill, so approaching the cattle grid I shift into top gear and give it some beans, wizzing past the golfers and cattle grazing on the Westwood, topping out at 32mph. At the bottom of Newbald Road I turned back onto York Road and headed back towards Beverley town centre, then back out of the town along Norwood. A nice ride for the early morning covering roughly 8 miles.

Back at home we decide that as the sun is shining we will take a trip to York, I drive, make a couple of wrong turns and end up where I wanted to go without quite knowing how I got there.

*You might be wondering why I’m writing this passage, but this is why.

We had arrived at the recently opened GO Outdoors superstore, I wanted a high viz jacket they had on sale, so we go into the shop, but within minutes my vision is blurred and my heart is racing, I feel nauseous and have to call over my good lady just in case I faint. I was having what my Mum would call a “Funny Turn”.

A swift walk to the Sainsbury’s next door, I fill a basket full of water, orange juice, a sandwich and an all important Red Bull. I knew what was wrong. I was dehydrated, a school boy error, in all my excitement of getting out on my bike I’d neglected to have a drink, only having an energy drink once I’d finished the ride. It’s a mistake that won’t happen again, I now religiously keep hydrated before, during and after a ride. The stupid thing was that I didn’t even own a water bottle at the time.

The next morning I was in two minds about running the 10k, my experience the day before had shaken me up, but I went ahead but ran a steady race, deliberately sitting at the back of the field and only running hard in the last half of the race. I disappointingly didn’t beat the hour mark I had set myself, finishing some 10 minutes off my PB, but I was proud I’d done it, I’m a big lad and it’s not easy when your carrying a bit of timber!

Total Distance Covered: 24 miles

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Back le Bid to bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire

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