England Expects…Sweet FA?

Here we go,
Here we go,
Here we go,

Twenty Twelve is going to be an epic summer of sport, but before the nations capital gets it’s day in the sun, there is the not so small matter of the European Football Championships.

Usually at this very stage, before a ball has even been kicked, I’m in despair because certain sections of our media have brought a good number of our fans to near frenzy by making outlandish claims like:

“England Amongst the Favourites” or “The Golden Generation to Bring Football Home”

Back in the real world I’m hoping we will get off to a decent start and qualify from our group.

Sometimes, as an England fan, I feel I’m in the minority by thinking it’s an achievement for my national team to reach the quarter finals of a major tournament, some of the best times I have had as a fan were when Sven was in charge of the National Team.

Don’t get me wrong, during Euro ’96 it was great to reach the semi finals, but let’s face it, it is the same as reaching the quarter finals of the World Cup anyway, so you get my point. Of course I’m disappointed when we get knocked out, but I’m also realistic enough to appreciate that other nations are more switched on when it comes to international football. I could rant on about formations, team spirit, tactics, team selection but I won’t.

So it’s with a sense of delight that the media have better things to be concentrating on at the moment and Euro 2012 has almost crept under the radar. Even better, according to the accurate barometer that is fleet street, England’s chances of winning are zilch and some expect us home within a week or so. In fact England’s stock hasn’t been so low entering a major tournament since 1990, so things are starting to look up.

One thing is for sure, the players aren’t under any pressure at all, nor is the new manager. Roy Hodgson has the easiest of jobs as he can’t lose, it’s not his team, he’s inherited them from Capello, a Manager so bad that England qualified without breaking sweat, yet a team so underrated that all Roy has to do for his team talk is utter something along these lines…

“Basically lads, the fans think we’re crap…

…the press think we’re crap…

…the opposition know we’re crap…

…and quite frankly so do I…

…So what have you got to lose?…

…Go have a bit of fun, play the game how it should be…

…Up the tempo, that’s how you all play in the league, why not give it a go? To be fair it’s our only option because most of you couldn’t even pass the parcel…

…So pull on the three lions because England expects sweet FA”

*Good Luck Lads*

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