The (Knee) Jerk’s Reaction That Caught the King in the Balls

It’s the sixteenth day of May in the year twenty twelve, a day which started like most others, but which ended with Liverpool’s legendary footballer and manager, Kenny Dalglish, getting the elbow from a club he loves like no other. This is the same football club which he has delivered 32 trophies as both player and manager, most recently in February when his team won the League Cup.

Putting it like that it sounds harsh on Kenny Dalglish, made even worse when you remember the state of the Liverpool team he took over from the now England Manager, Roy Hodgson. But that’s not all…

1. Liverpool had started the season quite brightly, but things went down hill rapidly when the Brazilian holding midfielder Lucas became injured at the beginning of December, ending his and our encouraging season prematurely.

2. Remember that talismanic Captain Steven Gerrard only managed 22 starts all season and 2011/12 won’t be remembered as a vintage season for such an important player.

3. Let’s not forget that Liverpool managed to hit the woodwork no less than 46 times, a world record apparently (who knows).

4. Also I cannot remember so many visiting goalkeepers been awarded Man of the Match awards, that’s not sour grapes, it’s fact.

5. Liverpool have spent more time in the attacking third than any other Premier League team (I heard this on the radio so it must be true).

6. Finally, Liverpool fans will also tell you that the team, up until February at least, played very well in many of their league matches, dropping points in games which they would normally win 2, 3 or 4 nil, only to end up drawing or in many occasions losing by the odd goal.

But all these things have counted for nothing, things have changed, success is no longer about silverware, its about money and the big money is the Champions League.

After winning the Champions League and League Title, the next most important goal for a modern team is to achieve a Top 4 Finish, this is sad but true and it can’t be disputed that Liverpool were too far away from this target even though, aside from the two Manchester teams, their perceived rivals all faltered. So winning the Carling Cup and getting to the FA Cup Final were never going to be enough for the impatient owners.

The events of today are something of a surprise, as although in recent days the press had begun to speculate, Liverpool are not really a sacking club. In my opinion Kenny Dalglish deserved more time in his second spell as Liverpool Manager, at the very least until January 2013, but that’s if his sacking was for footballing reasons, as it won’t be lost on the clubs owners and sponsors that the 2011/12 season won’t only be remembered for poor performances on the pitch…

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One Response to The (Knee) Jerk’s Reaction That Caught the King in the Balls

  1. Kenny Dalglish has been a great servant of liverpool no doubt about it.His handling of the media and the Suarez case in particular contributed to his downfall.His lack of nous as regards the selection of Dirk Kuyt has been baffling.Kuyt has been a leading light in that team for years.Downing,Adam and Henderson are average players more suited to the Jimmy Carter ,David Speedie and Kozma era.Times have changed no doubt but money is money ,and a waste of money is not acceptable. Losing at home whilly-nilly is also not an option.

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