The Sensible Rant #2: The Fickle Finger of… Fans

I grew up when Liverpool won matches in their opponents head or the away changing room at Anfield before even setting foot on the park. Then Rush & Barnes with the help of McMahon, Beardsley, Aldridge and Houghton, to name but a few, would rip apart defences with a free flowing pass and move football. Wonderful and inspiring.

When the Reds won I looked forward to rubbing it in the faces of my United supporting friends. On the school field I’d pretend to be John Barnes and dribble and shoot from all angles as they sat injured on the sidelines pretending to be Bryan Robson! Times were good, but times change.

Now we are the ones having our faces rubbed in it, it’s not great, but I support my team through everything, the rough and the smooth, the wins and the losses. We have just lost to Sunderland, a result unthinkable to any Kopite back in the 1980’s, but we’re not in those times and we have to accept, however grudgingly, that we are no longer a title challenging team. This is evident when our fans are disappointed if Liverpool don’t come in the top four, they don’t seem too bothered that the team are closer to the bottom place than top spot, just as long as they get in the Champions League, an unusual name for a tournament made up of, largely, non champions.

But getting back to the point, we lost to Sunderland two weeks after winning our first domestic silverware since 2006, but yet the reliable fan barometer of Twitter tells me that Kenny Dalglish should be sacked and isn’t up to the job. This from the same set of ‘supporters’ that no doubt called for his appointment, then hailed his return as the second coming and lost their voices cheering our victory at Wembley in the League Cup Final.

I am one voice hidden in the seemingly thousands of fans, opponents and members of the press who have an opinion on this, but here is my two penneth:

1. Liverpool FC have a clear project in mind, this involves buying promising players now at lower transfer values, as opposed to richer rivals who not only can afford the finished article, but can attract them too.

2. Top four is a wish, but quite frankly with the form of a very decent Spurs and a resurgent Arsenal, this has looked unlikely since December. Silverware is a bonus, we have some, reflect and be happy.

3. Managers need stability and time, support whomever is in place, allow others to put pressure on the club, let’s not do it ourselves.

4. Players come and go, no one is bigger than the club, but back them when they wear our shirt, a bit of confidence can do wonders.

5. Remember that two pivotal members of our squad *Gerrard & Lucas* have missed the majority of the season, prompting a tactical change and meaning players bought as back up or the future *Adam & Henderson* have played more than both they and us would have wanted.

6. Remember that Liverpool are already in Europe, this will help to attract better players next summer.

7. We are still in the FA Cup and there are still lots of games to play, so relax and don’t embarrass the club or yourselves by calling for drastic changes every time a result doesn’t go our way.

8. Finally, when I think to myself that we seem to take one step forward and two steps back, I just remember the 98/99 season and one name crops up, Sean Dundee, then I remember that we have in fact made progress…

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5 Responses to The Sensible Rant #2: The Fickle Finger of… Fans

  1. CSD says:

    I wrote something similar and the villagers came after me with pitchforks.

    • Oh well, it’s not happened yet, but it’s late and said Villagers could be asleep, it is a school night after all, and at least it will have meant that they have *and can* read my post, every cloud…

  2. CSD says:

    lol that’s a good way to look at it.

  3. goldy says:

    Some valid points but buying promising players at low transfer values??? Really….Henderson,Carroll,Downing anyone??!!

    • Thanks for taking time to read my post and making comment.

      My response to your point is that Carroll was a panic buy who’s fee was set high due to the Torres transfer fee of £50m, both fees far too high, but especially Andy Carroll’s who after all hadn’t yet played a full season of Premier League football. I personally think he will turn out to be a good player, but we need to change our Plan B to accommodate his style if he is to be used as an impact player.

      This time last season Henderson was one of the best performing midfielders in the league and being scouted by all the top clubs. At the time of his transfer if he was older and more established he would have cost much more and other clubs would have been more interested and he would likely have gone to a CL team, not necessarily LFC, so we got in early hoping he would turn out to be a £30m player in years to come. Henderson is young and the jury is still out, so we should judge him in a couple of seasons.

      Downing is the exception, so I take your point!

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