The Curious Case of The Sulking Striker & The Slow Moving Chopper

Sometimes people ask “Why did you bother to join Twitter?”

Usually followed by “All you ever do is moan!”

Well, although I use Twitter as a bit of a Speaker’s Corner, that’s not the reason I joined… 

It was the 31st January 2011 and a few days before Sky Sports News had BREAKING NEWS that Chelsea made an approach to Liverpool for the services of Fernando Torres.

Fernando Torres & Steven Gerrard by Nigel Wilson

Ambition Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Photograph by Nigel Wilson

I knew the story was a load of old tosh, after all, Torres had on numerous occasions spoken of his respect for the history of Liverpool Football Club and outlined his desire to win medals to go with his World & European Championship triumphs, so Chelsea’s bid was desperation on their part.

In my world it all made sense, after all the wheels had come off Chelsea’s title challenge back in November 2010, so Roman Abramovich was surely chancing his arm as he scoured the World for a Striker to help kick-start their campaign. To back up my theories I had convinced myself that Internazionale would have had a similar enquiry for Samuel Eto’o, along with Milan fielding offers for Alexandre Pato or Santos for Neymar etc… it’s the silly season after all…isn’t it?

As the transfer deadline approached, the thought of Torres leaving was becoming more and more inconceivable, after all why would Liverpool let him leave, they had new owners so didn’t need to sell, Kop legend Kenny Dalglish was back managing the club on a caretaker basis and Ajax forward Luis Suarez was being brought in to bolster our own attack, we were the ones on our way up, not Chelsea.

But the closer the transfer deadline became the longer the hours, minutes and seconds seemed, until late on 30th January Sky Sports News had more BREAKING NEWS…

The impossible had happened…

For a moment time stood still…

Then Panic set in…

Torres had handed in a transfer request!

Again, I told myself that the story was still a load of old tosh and this was a typical late night headline which has made Sky Sports News so popular.

I went to bed that night and slept well, dreaming of how well Suarez would link up with Torres and hopefully make a late surge for the fourth Champions League Spot…

Okay I lied, I didn’t sleep much, I scoured the internet for articles backing up my theory that Chelsea were in for a number of strikers and their bid for Torres was just a foil, this time to cover a late bid for Athletico Madrid’s Sergio Agüero, putting pressure on the hard up Spanish outfit who would surely sell, they had to after all…

I had fabricated this too, although I convinced myself it was true, after all that’s what football fans do!

Having woken from a broken sleep early on the Monday morning, I turned on Sky Sports News and the banner was still scrolling, it wasn’t a bad dream after all, Torres had shown his hand, and the penny had dropped, he wanted to go to Chelsea to win his medals.

But it was still several hours before the window would shut, I knew there was enough time for Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher to get round to Fernando’s house and convince the young lad not to leave, telling him that his future was bright, his future was Red! After all similar events had happened in the summer of 2005 when Gerrard himself had decided to stay at Liverpool, against all the odds and after Liverpool had conceded that he was leaving, so this wasn’t over yet.

Alas, football aside, I do work for a living, so I climbed into my car for the short journey to work, turned on the radio and listened to Talk Sport speculate on the same subject, then discuss how Torres would link up with Drogba or Anelka. I knew this was going to be a hard but exciting day, but how was I to keep up to date with the transfer news, I had already arranged meetings away from the office and as it turned out in isolated parts of the country, so I wouldn’t have access to a television or even radio.

Then, as if the heavens had opened in front of my eyes, a journalist on the radio quoted a source from “Twitter”, I couldn’t believe it, I don’t or didn’t have much time for social media, I still remain rather suspicious, but this was the answer to all of my prayers. I am lucky enough to own a Smart Phone, so I downloaded the Twitter ‘App’ and signed up straight away and that’s about it really…

…well it wasn’t quite so easy, I had to figure out how to use the blasted thing first, then find clued up Sports Journalists and ITK’s to follow (That’s a whole different story), but it kept me in the loop that day, something I was grateful for, even though the inevitable happened, I did learn something about myself, the players I cheer on any given Saturday and of course about the time it takes a helicopter to travel from Liverpool to London.

So that’s why I joined Twitter, to find out about football, specifically to find out if an ambitious young Spanish Striker, who had become an idol, would choose to leave the club I have supported since I was 4 years old and join somebody else’s club, which they had supported since they were a young child and ultimately become their idol.

He did and he will.

Fernando Torres by AtilaTheHun

£50m Buck Swizz? He Made His Mind Up. Photograph by AtilaTheHun

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