This is the bit where I get to sell my blog, so here goes…

I started this blog as an extension of my Twitter Account, sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough, especially when I want to have a Sensible Rant!

I tend to write about sport although I have written a couple of blogs on retro computers/consoles & games. I’ve always loved sport and have tried my hand at a few over the years, although I’m a better spectator than participant!

I’ve mostly blogged about Football, especially my beloved Liverpool FC and also Cycling, see the ‘Push Hog Diaries’, ‘The Push Hog Legacy’ and my ‘Beginners Guides’. In addition I have also written about Tennis and Boxing to broaden my horizons.

If you read something you like let me know and let others know too, any comments are welcome, good or bad and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @sensisuperstar


3 Responses to About

  1. Brendan C Walker says:

    Love it! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next ‘installment’ already!

  2. Phil McMahon says:

    What a fantastic blog! I’m the Vice Chairman of the York British Heart Foundation Group and I organised the inaugral Heart of York (HoY) ride last year. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s some of my favourite cycling country too: so beautiful.
    The marshalls were all local BHF volunteers and they’ll be pleased you found them so friendly. I do too!
    You’ve made a few points that we’ll take note of and try to improve for this years ride. We’ve changed the run in to avoid the busier roads through Haxby and hopefully keep riders in the countryside that little bit longer.
    This year the ride is on Sunday 1st September. We’d love to see you again. You can register at http://www.bhf.org.uk/heartofyorkbikeride and perhaps you could write another blog we can share with others?

    • Phil,

      Many thanks for taking time to read my blog post, it was a great few hours on the bike, made even better by the enthusiasm of the BHF volunteers – We especially liked the flapjack.

      We are planning to take part again in September, so I’m glad to hear that you have only slightly altered the route, as the Howardian Hill’s were a pleasure to ride, although my legs still haven’t forgiven me for cycling up Bulmer Hill!

      I’m always writing about my cycling adventures, so no doubt I will be writing something about the Heart of York Bike Ride 2013, but feel free to use or edit this blog post if it would be of any use to you.

      All the best,


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